Brain & Spine Trauma Surgery

Emergency surgery may be needed in many head and spine injuries.

Surgery may be needed to address the following problems:


  • Removing hematomas [clotted blood ]. Bleeding outside the brain [Extradural and Subdural Hematomas] or within the brain[Intraparenchymal or Intraventricular hepatomas] can result in brain injury and increased pressure on the brain.
  • Depressed skull fractures. Surgery may be needed to repair severe skull fractures or to remove pieces of skull in the brain.
  • Ongoing Bleeding in the brain. Head injuries that cause bleeding in the brain may need surgery to stop the bleeding.
  • Decompression Craniotomy [Opening a window in the skull] Surgery may be used to relieve pressure inside the skull by draining accumulated cerebral spinal fluid or creating a window in the skull that provides more room for swollen brain.


  • Fractures and dislocation of spine 

Surgery is required to fix and stabilise the spine as well as relieve the pressure         on spinal cord.